My name is Simon and this is my blog. Thanks for visiting. I am in India for a year on a fellowship volunteering for an NGO in Mumbai. This is my attempt to capture my thoughts, interests and experiences and share them with others. I hope you enjoy!


Fastest ODI 100 by an Indian batsman

A religion in India

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What’s in the bag, Mr. Shankar?

What’s in the bag, Mr. Shankar?



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Cooking up a huge vat of dal at the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Day 2 campsite #himalayas

Fellowship endpoint retreat at Nainital.

This one is for the Weston High School Freshman baseball team.  #togetherness

Check out my going away present for everyone at Dasra!  Custom Dasra notebooks!  Has anyone ever observed the silkscreen process?  It’s amazing!  I spent half a day last weekend in a dilapidated warehouse in an industrial part of Mumbai with the printers marveling at the process and their workmanship.

I am pretty happy with the outcome.  Hopefully everyone likes them!

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